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The Jesse Tree

The Jesse Tree is a devotion and activity that our family loves and looks forward to every Advent! 

The devotion is not necessarily a Catholic one (though I believe it originated as one!) It’s all Biblically-based so it’s a fun activity for Protestants to do with their families as well! The ornaments of the Jesse tree represent the people and events that led to the birth of Christ. Each day we will read an Old Testament story about God’s goodness and faithfulness! It’s a great idea to start planning for your Jesse tree in November so that it’s all ready by the time Advent begins!

How to do the Jesse Tree:

  1. First, you need a small tree! I got mine for $10 from Walmart- it can be as ornate or as simple as you’d like. 
  2. Next, you’ll need the ornaments. They can be bought or made yourself! Catholic Company has a great one click here, but I know Etsy has some great ones as well!
  3. Then, you’ll need a devotional to walk you through each day with the Jesse Tree.  This devotional Advent Jesse Tree  is a good one but there are so many to choose from! So we will read that nights reading. 
  4. After you find the ornament for that day, you can then put it on the tree!

I like to do the Jesse tree with the kids in the morning while we’re eating breakfast. I’ve noticed that by doing this tradition every morning, it helps the kids stay focused on the reason for Advent and the coming of Jesus!

In Christ,

Heather Johnson

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