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Meet Heather

Hello, I’m Heather—and I’m so glad you are here!  My hope for this ministry and website is to inspire you and your families to keep the Catholic faith through the inspirational videos and blogs I produce.  There is nothing better than sharing your faith with your family and friends, and that is how I look at all of you.  We are the body of Christ, and I want nothing more than to get to heaven and praise God in heaven with each one of you!  Please pray for me as I continue this ministry and know that you are all in my prayers too!

God bless

Heather Johnson

Welcome to my page if you are new here!  My name is Heather, years ago I really wanted to start a Catholic Mommy group at my local parish because I was craving fellowship and mommy friends.  I tried to start a group at my local parish, but the lady in the office flat out said “no.” When she saw my face drop, she said, “We have a lot of mommies asking for that sort of thing, but we just don’t have the space.”  Driving home I felt so deflated and asked God, “what do YOU want me to do?” Almost instantly, I felt a whisper in my heart to start a YouTube channel for Catholics and mothers who were looking for fellowship, hope, and tips for joyful living.  I felt overwhelming zeal as soon as I heard this in my heart.  The next day I started filming my first video and have never looked back!  I love this ministry, and I love all the friends I have made here. But more than anything, I love that I get to openly share my faith with anyone willing to listen!  

Fun fact about me is that I am a Minnesota girl!  I grew up in a BIG Catholic family (10 kids) on one of the lakes of Minnesota.  My mother had a deep conversion to the Catholic faith and to this day is a very devout Catholic.  I had the benefit of having a mother who taught me the importance of our faith since I was a little girl.  As a little girl, my mother would read me different saint stories and talk about the different Marian apparitions. I fell in love with God through the examples of these beautiful souls.  I remember when my mom started to pray the rosary daily, and I loved my mom so much that I would join her. Eventually, I fell in love with the Rosary myself.

In high school, I was the girl who was just trying to get by. I was counting down the days for high school to be over so I could start living my life and hopefully get married and have children. I was voted captain of my high school team, so I enjoyed some parts of high school.

College was my back up plan, but my heart was so excited for my vocation of marriage and children. Since I was not dating anyone at the time, I decided to go to college for Interior Design.  Even though I never really did much with Interior Design, I definitely enjoy decorating my home to make it beautiful for my family.  After college I started doing mission work, which was my true passion.  I love any and everything to do with Jesus and the heavenly Body of Christ.  I served a year with NET Ministries and then I worked in Hawaii for 2 years as a program director for a Catholic ministry called “InHim.” Both ministries work with high school kids.  I also did a lot of nanny work and loved working with all the families.  God is so good!  My 20s were full of ministry work, traveling, dating, and learning a lot about myself.

At the age of 29, I FINALLY met my husband Eric!  We met at a Catholic bible study for young adults in Virginia.  The night we met we talked for a long time, and I was instantly taken by how amazing Eric was.  I went home that night and wrote in my journal about how I had just met the most amazing man but thought he was way too good for me!  To this day I still believe this!  He is the most amazing man I have ever met.  He loves me and challenges me in a way I could never have never dreamed of. He truly wants me to get to heaven and cares so much for my soul, which is so refreshing!  We got married a year later in California. We both had hoped to get pregnant right after our wedding day, but we struggled with infertility for the first 2 years of marriage. It was a very painful 2 years for me and Eric.  Finally, in God’s perfect timing, we found out we were pregnant with Thomas, and we were both so excited!  In the next 8 years, we had 5 children!  God is so good!  

So that is a very brief summary of some  highlights of my life and my spiritual walk.  I go in much more depth in my YouTube Videos. Make sure to subscribe and watch if you want more information!  I just want to say I am so happy you are here, and I hope you enjoy this website.

God bless,

Heather Johnson

Fun Facts About Me

I am the 4th oldest of 10 children.

I lived in China for 4 months while pregnant with my 3rd Zachary.

My favorite Saints are St Ann, St Therese of the little flower, Fulton Sheen, St Padre Pio, JPII, St Patrick and St Francis of Assisi.

I was voted Captain of my ice hockey team in high school.

I’ve been a Bridesmaid 11 times and 2 times I was the Maid of Honor.

I was a summer camp counselor at a Catholic camp for 3 summers in high school. It was the first time I found people like me who loved the faith and I learned so much from the other Camp Counselors (several of them became priests).

I traveled with NET Ministries for a year (National Evangelization Team). We traveled all over the USA for a whole school year.

My dream job would be to flip houses or write a cookbook.

I worked with Little Sisters of the Poor and it was so wonderful working with Sisters!  I learned a lot about life doing that job.

My love language is helping people; I love helping anyone who needs help.

I have been to Lourdes, Fatima and Mexico City to see Our Lady of Guadalupe.

I love cooking, homemaking and motherhood.

I have been to 3 World Youth Days Denver in Colorado, Toronto Canada, and Munich Germany.

I have lived in Hawaii, California, China, Virginia, North Carolina and Minnesota.

I love playing board games and puzzles with my family.

I am living my dream life of being a wife, mother and daughter of God.