How to Have a Catholic Halloween

Halloween is quickly approaching, and it’s no secret that there are some very dark and demonic elements involved in the way our culture currently practices Halloween. So, as Catholics, should we participate in Halloween? 

The Church does not say whether we should or shouldn’t, but I think it’s important to note that Halloween was intended to be a Catholic holiday. After all, Halloween means “All Hallow’s Eve.” Much like Christmas Eve, Halloween is a night to prepare ourselves before a larger feast — in this case, All Saints and All Souls. 

Many will say that Halloween is “Satan’s Day” and that we should not give in to the culture by partaking in it. However, I do not think that is the best way to look at it. I think we need to reclaim it. If we look at this as a spiritual battle, then we can relax knowing that God has already won the victory. We just need to stay in his court and keep fighting! Let’s talk about some ways we can offset the darkness. 

1. Go to Mass — All Saint’s Day is a holy day of obligation. What better way to bring God into your lives this week than by attending Mass?

2. Go to Confession — Satan hates it when we go to confession, because it gives us an opportunity to humble ourselves, make amends, and reunite with God. Take this time cleanse your soul and grow closer to Jesus!  HERE is my confession guide if you need one! 

3. Holy Pumpkin carving — Brainstorm other ideas to evangelize this night! My sister staples prayers to candy, and she also carves holy images into her jack o’ lanterns. Get creative!

4. Bless your Halloween Candy — Bless the candy you will pass out to trick or treaters, or have the head of the house bless the candy. 

5. Have an All Saints Day Party — Invite your friends over and allow the kids to dress up as their favorite saint. I’ve done this with my mom friends, and it’s a huge hit! Everyone brings a dish to share, and we have a great time.  The picture below is Bella dressed as Our Lady of Guadalupe all I needed was a red dress and this star blanket.   It is so fun to get creative,  here are so many more ideas if you are looking to celebrate All Saint’s Day.

6. Make an All Souls Day Candle — Use a candle with a glass votive, and write the names of people you’d like to pray for on the glass. Keep the candle lit all day. Every time you pass by, you’ll be reminded to pray for those souls in purgatory. 

7. Start a Novena — All Saints Day is a great time to start a novena to your family’s favorite saint. 

If you’re interested in more ideas about living liturgically, I highly suggest the book Living the Seasons by Erica Tighe Campbell. It’s full of gorgeous, full color photos and tons of ideas on how to celebrate different feast days. I hope you have a fun All Hallow’s Eve, friends!

In Christ,

Heather Johnson

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