Saint Books for Teens and Pre-Teens

Are you looking for spiritual books for your teens? If so, I highly recommend reading books about the lives of the saints! Who better to set an example of holiness than our beloved saints? These books are my personal picks for my family (teens and preteens)! They all encourage virtue and and show our children what loving God can do for our lives!  I also have a list of saints books for little kids too. (Click HERE to find that page.)

1) Stories of the Saints — This is a big book packed full of amazing saint stories.  With over 100 different saints to read about, each story is about 2-3 pages written in great detail.  These stories make you want to be a saint!  It is my favorite book on this list!  

2) The Saint Chronicles — This is a series of graphic novels with about 5 different saints in each book.  You can buy the whole series or collect them one at a time. 

3) Philip Neri is another graphic novel. This happens to be my son Jacob’s favorite book ever!  He loved that Philip Neri had a great sense of humor!  This is a fun book to read. 

4) Saint Clare of Assisi is another graphic novel with great stories and beautiful pictures to keep kids wanting to read more!

5) The Legend of Saint Christopher is a favorite with my boys too!  This is a graphic novel. It was interesting to read more about St. Christopher and his amazing conversion!

6) St Theresa of Avila is a graphic novel that does a great job telling the story of this amazing saint!  The girls love all the beautiful pictures too! 

7) Saint Chapter Books — All these books are great for teens!  They encourage the faith and virtue that we want to see in our children!  I highly recommend adding these books to your library.  Even as an adult, I enjoy reading these books and learning more about the saints. We have been slowly adding these books to our collection over the years. 

8) The Little Way is a chapter book for preteens. The text is is a little dense, but there are beautifully illustrated pictures too.

9) Blessed Carlo Acutis is my son Thomas’ favorite saint (actually a blessed but close!)  He loved reading about this saint who loved God so much but was still so normal. Carlos loved playing video games, which helped Thomas realize he could play video games and still be a saint:)

*** To read my reviews on my favorites Saint Books for children click HERE

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