Infant Baptism Guide for Parents and Godparents

In this blog post, I will explain a little bit about infant Baptism!  This post will NOT be an explanation of the theology of infant baptism (since that can be learned in baptism preparation classes), but rather some of the practical things to do and know surrounding the big day! We will discuss godparents, gifts, […]

First Saturdays Devotion

Mary mother of Jesus

Have you ever heard of the First Saturday devotion? You may also have heard it by the name of “Five First Saturdays.” In this blog post, I will explain all the details of this incredible devotion to Our Lady.  But first, can we talk about how absolutely amazing Mary is? It was Mary’s “yes” to […]

10 Catholic Customs

One of most notable things about being Catholic is how many traditions we keep. There are so many beautiful Catholic customs that have been passed down throughout the generations. A lot of them are unsaid, we just sort of do them! They aren’t things that we necessarily read about in books. In this post, I […]

The Sacred Heart of Jesus

Have you ever seen the image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus but you’re unsure of where it came from? Or maybe a friend of yours does the First Friday devotion, but you’re confused by how it works. In this post, I will unpack all the details of this incredible devotion! What is the Sacred […]

Our Summer Plans

In this post, I will share a little bit about what our summers have looked like! I know that if our family doesn’t go into the season with a plan, the days are long and chaotic and we will end up wasting the summer away! I live for lists, and I have found that in […]

Margarita Chicken

This recipe is another really easy recipe that takes maybe 2 minutes of prep, but the flavor is so amazing!  This is one of my easy go to meals when I am in a rush! This recipe is great if you're in a hurry and need a quick, easy meal! We love to eat […]

Chicken Tortellini Soup

tortellini soup

This soup is one of my favorites!  It is so cozy and perfect for those cold winter nights, and thank God it is easy!  I hope you enjoy! A no-fail tortellini soup that couldn't be easier (or faster!)

Easy Chicken Fajitas

I am sure there are many ways to cook chicken fajitas, but my goal was to make a version with the quickest cook time. This is what I came up with, and I hope you like it! I top with sour cream and avocados as well.  The spice mixture I use is from this website.  […]

May Crowning

mother and children pray the rosary

May Crowning is a traditional Catholic devotion that honors Mary as the mother of  Jesus and queen of Heaven and Earth.  Though the Blessed Mother is honored all year long, May is specifically dedicated to Our Lady. Many Catholic Churches will have a beautiful May crowning ceremony with a procession where a crown of flowers […]

Crockpot Mediterranean Chicken

This is my easy throw everything together in a crock pot meal!  It’s packed with amazing flavor and is another family favorite!  I usually put this over white rice and have a side salad.  I hope you enjoy!  Searching for the perfect crock pot meal? Look no further! This is our go to recipe for […]