Catholic Books for Children

1) Brother Rafael and the Rainy-Day Devils –  WOW, this book is so relatable for parents!  I know that this is a kids book, but I absolutely love it!  Brother Rafael illustrates how we encounter spiritual warfare in our everyday lives.  It’s not a scary book, but it does show the reality of letting temptations affect our thoughts and moods.  It was over the head of my little 3 year old, but I think the bigger kids would like it. This book teaches us how to fight battles for God even when we are little. (10% off with code HEATHER10)

2) The Snail and the King – At first I was not sure where this book was going, but once I understood the message, I loved it!  The Snail and the King reminded me of Narnia but for younger children around 4-10 years old. It is a story about a snail that is trying to get to a boat that will get him to the king’s castle (heaven), and along the hard road a dove (Holy Spirit) helps him to get there on time.  I really liked this story and so did my children! 

3) Go and Fear Nothing – This wonderful story is about Sister Adeles Brise and Our Lady of Champion.  Mary appeared to Adele in Wisconsin in 1859.  Mary gave her a message that is still important for today’s time.  I truly enjoyed this story and was glad to hear that the Church has approved this apparition! 

4) The Adventures of Loupio –  This was a adventure that my son Zachary (age 8) enjoyed!  Fun to read and teaches virtue at the same time! 10% off with code HEATHER10

5) Grandma’s Best Stories – These are lots of little stories in this sweet book!  It was fun and refreshing to hear a different kind of story. 10% off with code HEATHER10

In Christ,

Heather Johnson

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