Our Lady of Guadalupe Party Ideas

Our Lady of Guadalupe’s feast day is right around the corner! I’d love to share some ideas with you on how to make this a fun, family centered day. Our Lady of Guadalupe has such a special place in my heart, and I’m really looking forward to celebrating her feast day with my family.

You might not know this about me, but I visited Mexico City when I was 19 and saw the tilma of Our Lady. It was so beautiful, and I’ve never been the same since! I’m celebrating her special day with Mexican food and decor. Make your celebration as big or as small as you want! You can throw a party or just do something simple with your family. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. Read Stories With Your Children — The best way to celebrate Our Lady of Guadalupe’s feast day is to read stories about her! Children love listening to stories, and it’s such an easy way to help them remember her story. Here are some we enjoy Our Lady of Guadalupe and her Dear Juan and Our Lady of Guadalupe the  Graphic Novel. If you don’t have books on Our Lady of Guadalupe, there are plenty of free You Tube videos you could watch with your little ones on her feast day. (Also this Our Lady of Guadalupe Doll and Juan Diego Doll are adorable too!)

2. Serve Mexican Food — Any party needs good food, and what better way to celebrate than to have some amazing Mexican food? You could make tamales, or for something simpler, try enchiladas or tacos. You could also serve Horchata — it’s a sweet Mexican beverage made with cinnamon and milk. It’s one of my favorites! 

3. Use Mexican Decor — Decor is something that most of us build on over the years, and I’ve collected a few brightly patterned bowls that I’ll pull out for this. I have a blue-green table cloth with gold stars from The Little Rose Shop. (It’s really two muslin baby blankets that I’ll layer over my table. It’s really hard to find a cloth that looks like her tilma!) I also found a really adorable Our Lady of Guadalupe banner from Party Like A Saint. Whatever you decide to go with, think bright, vivid colors!

4. Get Dressed Up — If you feel like wearing something festive, find a bold color! Mexico is known for it’s bright colors. You could also have your daughters dress up as Our Lady of Guadalupe! One of my daughters dressed up as her for All Saints Day, so she’ll wear a red dress with the blue blanket as the tilma for our party. Anything with red or green would be great!

5. Pray the Rosary — Of course, what better to way to honor Our Lady than to pray a rosary? If a whole rosary is too much for your little ones, try praying just one decade.  And if you are looking for a beautiful inexpensive print of Mary that you can frame this one is the one I have and love it! 

6. Play Mexican Music — Hire a mariachi band, or just play some mariachi music! 

I hope your family has a beautiful feast day! If you celebrate Our Lady of Guadalupe’s feast day and have any ideas to share, leave a comment below!

In Christ,

Heather Johnson

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