Divine Mercy Goodies

I thought it would be fun to put together some really sweet Divine Mercy goodies for you!  I hope you enjoy!  To learn how to pray the Divine Mercy click here

1.Divine Mercy Statue (15% off ENTIRE ORDER with code CML15)

2. Divine Mercy Candle ( 15% off ENTIRE ORDER with code heather15) 

3. Divine Mercy Framed (15% off ENTIRE ORDER with code heather15)

4. Divine Mercy Doll (10% off ENTIRE ORDER with code catholicmom10)

 5. Divine Mercy Water Font (15% off ENTIRE ORDER with code CML15)

6. Jesus I trust in you  t-shirt (10% off ENTIRE ORDER with code catholicmom10)

7. Divine Mercy Jesus Plush Doll (10% off ENTIRE ORDER with code ACATHOLICMOMSLIFE)

*** To find more more Catholic products at a discount click here

More Divine Mercy fun

Here is a great coloring book for kids!  All about Saint Faustina and the Divine Mercy.  Click to here (plus 10% off entire order at check out) 

This fun project will turn into a plush toy for your kids to snuggle!  Get 10% off your entire order with Code ACATHOLICMOM10 shop here

The Diary of Saint Faustina book.  15% off entire order with code heather15 find the book here

In Christ,

Heather Johnson

5 Responses

  1. Thank you for having a wonderful website. It is so inspiring, brings us closer to God and reminds us to treasure our family.

  2. Once again, I say, “Wahoo!” I and my Ex are back ..Thanks (( R.buck ler 11(🙂)g ma i l…… c o m ))…………… says:


  3. This is the first time I have been fortunate enough to come across your YouTube page. I came across the Chaplet of Divine Mercy some months ago and have been reciting it almost daily. Primarily because I fear that I have not done all that God’s Will desires from us. I’m 71 years old now and everything was fine until I was mugged for a quarter, which was way too rich for me at the age of 16, and in turn resulted in epilepsy. I was in numerous one vehicle car crashes thereafter which resulted in chronic paralysis. So much so that a priest of the parish I belong too told me that God didn’t want me to attend services if I were in pain. But as I learned to live with the pain I believe that I should have accepted my responsibility. Maybe as a punishment or.something to wake me up, I have had numerous additional physical ailments to date. I still find it very difficult to say, attend mass, because I have seen too often what the spectacle of a seizure does to others. I’m looking at a history of over 50 years and I still find it difficult to be around more than a few people. Please offer a prayer for me.

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