Baby Baptism Gift Ideas

Are you attending a baptism soon? Are you looking for  gift ideas? I’ve got you covered! Baptisms are so beautiful, and it’s so touching to watch a baby officially welcomed into the family of God! It’s the single most important day of a person’s life, and so of course you want a gift that celebrates such a special occasion.  I recommend encouraging the faith through a faith-filled gift for the child that is being baptized. Here are a couple of my ideas; I hope this is helpful!

1. Sacred Heart of Jesus Doll – All my children love these plastic Shining Light Dolls!  We have several of the saints along with the Mother Mary doll.  These are not only adorable but perfect for little babies that love to chew on everything.  To see all of the other cute saint dolls, click HERE. (10% off entire order with code ACATHOLICMOMSLIFE)

2. Sacred Heart of Jesus Natural Rubber Teething Ring – Many Catholics have a great devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and I love this little teething ring! So cute yet so perfect for little ones that just want to chew on everything. (10% off entire order with code ACATHOLICMOMSLIFE)

3. Crucifix– It is highly recommended that every Catholic have a crucifix in their house; it is a great reminder of how much God loves us!  I have a crucifix in each of the bedrooms of our home. If this is the gift you choose, I highly recommend having a priest bless it first. 

4. Catholic Baby Bib – I thought this was so cute, and it comes in many different colors!  It has the traditional meal blessing printed on the front: ” Bless us O Lord, and these thy gifts, Which we are about to receive, from thy bounty, Through Christ, Our Lord. Amen.” (10% off entire order with code ACATHOLICMOMSLIFE)

5. Personalized Baptism Holy Water Bottle – This is a wonderful sentimental gift!  Bring this personalized bottle with you to the baptism. After the baptism, fill the holy water bottle with the water that the baby was baptized with. I have done this, and it is always a big hit! 

6. Our Lady of Guadalupe Baby Blanket – I love this sweet baby blanket with the Our Lady of Guadalupe image in black and white. (10% off with entire order with code ACATHOLICMOMSLIFE) 

7. Mother Mary and Baby Jesus Plush Doll – My children LOVE these plush dolls from Shining Light Dolls; they will play with them for hours! They have so many different saints to pick from (and Jesus too.)  They are the perfect size to snuggle for any child.  The quality is top notch too! Click here to shop. (10% off entire order with code ACATHOLICMOMSLIFE)

8. Chewable Rosary – These are a big hit in our family too!  All of the babies have loved chewing these chewable silicone rosaries while praying the family rosary! Plus 10% when you shop through this link. 

9. My First Rosary Plush Toy – Another great idea for a chewable (cloth) rosary.

10. Mass book for Littles – This is a great interactive book for little ones at Mass. They can quietly play and chew while the parent can focus on the Mass. (10% off your entire order with code ACATHOLICMOM10)

11. Catholic Wooden Puzzles – These are so cute and great for little hands!  There are several different ones to choose from, check them out here. (10% off entire order with code ACATHOLICMOMSLIFE)

I hope you enjoyed this list.  What would you recommend as a great Catholic Baby Baptism gift?   If you want to go shopping and take a look around for other great Catholic children’s gifts, I recommend using my discount codes for Shining Light Dolls, Catholic Company, Holy Heroes, and Be a Heart. These all have amazing Catholic gift ideas for children!  Find all my codes HERE. God bless!

In Christ,

Heather Johnson

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  1. Nice to see content here this summer! I hope you are enjoying time with your family! By the way, I love the way you incorporate books and learning time in your children’ summers (as seen in past videos), as learning is fun and good and creative. So great that you are reinforcing a love for learning, rather than making it seem as though summers “liberate” them from (the love of!) learning! A happy, joyous summer to you and your family! Looking forward to seeing pictures of them shooting up and learning about your joy of parenting them back in the Fall! God bless!

  2. Hi Heather, I can’t use the contact function. I was wondering about going to modest beaches. What do Christian families do? I Google now and then and never find an answer. The lack of bottom coverage is just way to much information. What are families doing this summer? Could you make a video on this or ? Thank you!

    1. Hello Carol, That is hard to know what to do, my mom was big on modesty at all time and so we would wear a full one piece swim suit, I have seen swim skirts that might be something to try.

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